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It’s time to treasure the beautiful memories in the most unique and fun way.

Life is about the adventures you take and the memories you make.
So travel often and live life with open eyes and an open heart.
- Katie Grissom
Scratch Maps makes it possible to keep, track, and showoff travel memories in the most unique & fun way.

Gotta scratch ’em all!

Unique and so FUN to use!

When you’ve been anywhere on the planet, just scratch the country with coins or any other strong material to unfold new places. As you progress, you build your own unique, personal travel map.

Watch your journey around the world comes alive with this map.

Beautiful memories.
Beautifully presented.

When it’s time to share travel stories with friends, there’s nothing quite like a scratch map to show them off. It’s definitely the most beautiful way to visualize your all your past travel.

  • Large and colorful
  • Great for wall
  • Can be put in frame
  • Make your friends jealous
world capital cities scratch map

Above: Cities of The World scratch map

Perfect for traveler at heart

All your travels deserve a great place to live. Create a long lasting visuals to keep the memories alive. It’s the perfect companion for traveler at heart.

So much to explore.
So little traveled.

Just as much as you traveled to many countries, there are always more to discover. Find your next uncovered destinations easily with this scratch map! Just look for unspoiled places 😉

Fun fact: people who bought Scratch Maps just realized how little they have traveled the world.

Above: White Origin scratch map



white origin scratch map

White Origin Edition

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A beautiful map in great condition. This will make a fine gift.
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Great quality, true to description and securely packaged. Very happy.
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Came in very well package and in perfect condition. High quality map.
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